Here are what some of our clients have to say about our products:

I took full control of Buckmore Park Kart Circuit in mid-2015. Having done so I decided to carry out a major upgrade to the circuit.  I chose to remove all the tyres and conveyor belting and replace them with purpose built barriers supplied by Champion Products who had a wealth of experience working with Speedway tracks. This, together with the other modifications we have carried out, has been warmly welcomed by all the karting fraternity, both leisure and racing.


TVKC are the Motor Sport Association club who operate kart race meetings at the PF International Kart Circuit in Lincolnshire in the UK.
Our association with Paul & Ashley Starkey who own CHAMPION PRODUCTS (Producers of Safety Barriers for Car, Kart and Cycle sport) goes back to 2012 when we required a ‘specialist’ solution to protection of our new bridge parapet. (In November 2011 the PFI kart circuit had an extension which included a figure of eight/bridge section taking the circuit length to 1382 meters and meaning its goal of securing an FIA/CIK International ‘A’ Grade licence could be fulfilled).
CHAMPION PRODUCTS used their expertise gained from their Speedway type air cushion barriers and developed a bespoke system which we have in place at the bridge section of the circuit. While this was a ‘special’ project we have since that time purchased their standard protection barriers in large and small sizes and replacement covers.
All their barriers are FIM approved and have been endorsed by the MSA and FIA/CIK Circuit Inspectors. The fact that this endorsement along with the circuit hosting British, European and World kart races proves the credibility, and safety of CHAMPION PRODUCTS.
The willingness of their management Team to ‘problem solve’ and the High Quality Products and services is fully endorsed by TVKC and has enabled our safety record to be second to none.

Nigel Edwards – Chairman TVKC approval

Berwick Speedway took the decision to install an APD - additional protection device, to their track immediately following the horrendous track crash involving Alex Edberg in June 2011.
Alex unfortunately caught the back wheel of opponent James Brundle when attempting to round him, coming off the highly banked 4th bend at Shielfield Park. Alex was catapulted into and through the solid wooden safety barrier at high speed. An impact that left him with multiple injuries, and one that confined him to hospital for a week. He suffered a punctured lung, broken ribs, broken shoulder, broken back and head injuries in the smash.
Alex has battled back bravely from those injuries to take his place in the Bandits side for 2012, but the crash brought the reality home to the Bandits management that we had to do something to prevent something similar or worse happening in the future.
The club quickly set about researching all the various airfences that were being manufactured but only one really suited our needs. The revolutionary Polyfoam 'Place and Race It', was a perfect match to our needs.
As we share the stadium with Berwick Rangers Football Club and they also use the stadium on a Saturday afternoon, we had to have a barrier that would be able to be used at 7pm - giving us only a 2 hour window for installation weekly. A traditional inflatable air fence was precluded as the maintenance and workload involved in getting this correctly setup each week was certainly going to be troublesome. We required a permanent solution, and the prototype Polyfoam barrier at King's Lynn was recommended to us. We did our homework and with glowing references from not only the people at King's Lynn but also from the FIM, whom we worked with to get it fully homologated for use in FIM competition. They were eager to see us use this type of barrier because it had passed the most stringent of safety tests before being approved.
Paul Starkey was superb to deal with and his company Champion Products, delivered and installed, bang on time for us. This was obviously a big project with Berwick boasting the biggest track in the UK, and now the biggest APD also. Colin Meredith had perfected his design and was also on site for the installation, answering all our questions and making sure that everything was perfect.
The fence has been tested on a number of occasions already in 2012, and the unanimous verdict of everyone is that it is an in-paralleled success.
Linus Sundstrom had a nasty excursion into the Polyfoam during heat 20 of the FIM GP qualifier of June 16th, in exactly the same spot as Alex Edberg had come to grief almost a year ago, this time however the rider was cushioned. Linus was able to get up and remove his bike from the track to allow the race to continue, and was left with nothing more than battered pride for his efforts. The fence had done it's job, and words can't describe the feeling of pride that we all felt at Berwick when we had seen the results of it being tested for real.
Our chief paramedic Marc Kelly best sums it up - "I wish every track would install this type of fence, if gives us a quiet night, to which we are all thankful. We don't want what happened to Alex last year to be repeated ever again, and with this Polyfoam Fence, it should prevent a great deal of injuries that these brave young men endure when trying to entertain us."


There were many air bags on the market but I am pleased that I chose Champion Products air barriers. The service I received was first class and the after sales service is excellent.


At Leicester Speedway we had designed our facility with the inclusion of the Champion Products air barrier from conception.
The air barrier was delivered on time, and easily installed with tuition and guidance from the installation team. We also have removed the barrier from the circuit during the winter months and re-installed it for our second season without complication.
During our first season and a half of racing we have a number of occasions when the air barrier, in my opinion, has worked effectively in safely reducing the extent and number of rider injuries at our venue.


We have had the air barriers from Champion Products since the beginning of 2011 season, during which time we have completely replaced the air barriers on both bends.
The Barriers were made to our colour choice.
We have been delighted with the quality competitive pricing and service provided by the company.
Based in the Midlands any concerns have been promptly dealt with by Paul.


You have to say that Berwick really have stepped up a gear since John Anderson took over. New lighting, superb safety fence (which really showed its merits after an awful crash between North & Bellago) and a track that you can really have a go on. All credit to the promotion.


The fence, once again, appears to have saved a rider from serious injury. A great investment.