• Non inflatable system
  • Each unit 3.6m long
  • Lead in - lead out wedge 1.5 long
  • Each unit is comprised of polystyrene bean bags (British Standards flame retardant), with a foam front face enclosed in a outer skin, with a 300mm rubber skirt fitted to the bottom
  • Each unit can be placed directly onto the track and left in situ. Very low maintenance.
  • Design of unit and weight prevents riders from going under the barrier or being 'sucked' into the barrier.
  • Riders able to ride off of barrier.
  • Manufactured to your colour of choice
  • Velcro secured to front of barrier to your specifications, giving you excellent advertising opportunities.

This barrier system has been installed at Kings Lynn, Berwick and Glasgow in the British Speedway League. Both King's Lynn and Berwick have secured FIM events, with Kings Lynn hosting the World Team Cup Qualifying Round in both 2011 and 2012.